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“Gregory Bateson describes the fundamental belief of Western culture that we can dominate, control, and have power over almost every aspect of our experience. We can get rid of pain, we can dominate people who threaten us, we can win in an y interaction, we can be invulnerable. Bateson theorizes that this belief is fundamentally erroneous and leads to addiction, which he sees as a disordered attempt to get to a more ‘correct’ state of mind, one in which we permit dependency, vulnerability, and mutuality. Bateson argues that we hav eno culturally sanctioned, nonaddictive way to achieve this state.

…According to [Claudia Bepko, being socialized in an erroneous belief system leads to addiction because incongruity may arise between what one believes and how one actually feels.”

– Jean Kilbourne, Can’t Buy My Love


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