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“Of all the cardinal sins against the environment, driving long distances is the most seductive, the one that brings us back to otherwise inaccessible places. I love long drives alone. The road is a net dropped over the vastness of the continent, tying together all its distances onto one navigable labyrinth of asphalt. Roads are the real architectural achievement of this century in the US. Roads are the architecture of our restlessness, of those who wish neither to stay in their built places nor wander in the untouched ones, but to keep moving between them. A road promises something else to us, though the promise is better fulfilled by traveling than by arriving.”

– Rebecca Solnit, Savage Dreams


One Comment

  1. At the end of the day it is the journey that matters more than the departure or arrival. The stories are formed from every second spent admiring the landscape or detouring to memory lane.

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