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“There’s really really shitty avant-garde, that’s coy and hard for its own sake. As the texture, as the cognitive texture, of our lives changes. And as the different media by which our lives are represented change… it’s the avant-garde or experimental stuff that has the chance to move the stuff along . And that’s what’s precious about it.

“The reason I’m angry at how shitty most of it is, and how much it ignores the reader, is that I think it’s very very very very precious. Because it’s the stuff that’s about what it feels like to live. Instead of being a relief from what it feels like to live.

“My life and my self doesn’t feel anything like a unified developed character in a linear narrative. But my guess is, looking at things like MTV videos or new fashions in ads, with more and more flash cuts, or the use of computer metaphors… that I think a lot of people feel overwhelmed by the number of choices they have, and by the number of discrete different things that come at them. Whether that’s qualitatively different than the way life was for let’s say our parents our our grandparents, I’m not sure. But I think so. At least in terms of the way it feels on your nerve endings.

“I’m talking about what it feels like to be alive. And how formal and structural stuff in avant-garde things can vibrate, can represent on a page, what it feels like to be alive right now… If your life makes linear sense to you, then you’re either very strange, or you might be just a neurologically healthy person – who’s automatically able to decoct, organize, do triage on the amount of stuff that’s coming at you all the time.”

– David Foster Wallace, Althought Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself


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